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Published by admin on 12 Oct 2008

50th Anniversary, Dept. of Geodesy and Geomatic Engineering, UGM

Department of Geodesy and Geomatic Engineering, Gadjah Mada University is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2009. A series of events has been prepared to be held in 2008 and 2009 to celebrate this special moment. These events are:


2008 Agenda:

The opening ceremony

Painting and map coloring competition.

Navigation and GPS Tracking competition

Talkshow and Car Navigation Demo

Training and refresher courses.


2009 Agenda:

National seminar

Alumni meeting and gathering

Geodesy-Geomatic research and technology expo

50 years of Geodesy and Geomatic book launching

Geoinformatics workshop

Published by admin on 08 Oct 2008

Asia GIS 2008

Asia GIS Conference, the bi-annual conference was held in Busan, South Korea from 26th to 27th of September 2008. The Asia GIS Conference was hosted by the Korean Association of Geographic Information Studies (KAGIS), an organization who recognizes the importance of GIScience and GITechnology in modern science and engineering, in cooperation with Asia GIS Association (AGISA).


This event was the seventh conference in the Asia GIS conference series and the first in Korea. It brings together theoreticians and practitioners, users and academics from numerous related disciplines involved in the processing and analysis of spatial data by using GI Technology. The organizing committee received more than 200 papers from different universities, colleges and institutions in 20 countries.


Five presenters from the Environmental Geo-Technology lab, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University also contributed in the conference. They are: Marissa Mei Ling with paper entitled “GIS analysis of land use changes over 100 years – a case study of coal mining district of Kitakyushu-Chikuho, Japan”; Agung Setianto with paper entitled “Application of GIS and aerial photogrammetry for detecting subsidence area due to block caving underground mining”; Purnama Budi Santosa with paper entitled “Topographic correction due to differential illumination effects on multi-spectral SPOT data”; Hiro Ikemi with paper entitled “Study of sustainable data-sharing for emergency management based on the Wiki-GIS Technology”; and Yi Cai with paper entitled “Temporal and spatial analysis of hydrologic cycle in Chikugo-Saga plain Japan over the past 100 years”.